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I don't remember the appearance of this duo in Sandman so perhaps I'm missing something, but the introductory story was terrible. It was short, minimally plotted, gratuitously violent (I'm not particularly squeamish, but I don't *enjoy* violence, especially not graphic violence perpetrated on children and animals), and neither explained or connected with any larger story. The girls who are introduced are cliched (girls like cleaning, and pink, and hearts and flower) and disappear from the narrative quite soon. The story is resolved by someone else, with no actual mystery or investigation. In fact, if it hadn't been over before I expected it I might not have gotten to the end.

Luckily, it got much better after that. I don't know why that first bit was even there. The rest of the book is two longer stories with a larger plot arc. Crystal Palace is a cool, albeit unfortunately named, kid and her interaction with the two boys really added a dimension. Their relationship was also better developed as it went on. I particularly liked the distinction between their narration. The creepy boarding school was a neat twist on a classic setting: unlike the unrelated book by that name, this school really did have a Demon Headmaster! I wonder if the plot line(s) concerning Crystal's roommate (view spoiler) will get resolved. I'd like to see the adventurous Victorian girls again, too.

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