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California Impressionism - William H. Gerdts, Will South
This seemed like a pretty thorough, although not all-encompassing, volume. I'm sure Gerdts put a lot of work into it and I appreciated that he seemed passionate about the quality of California Impressionism and how it deserves to be better know. There are two reasons I'm not rating the book higher: first, the writing style is not very interesting. There is a lot of text and not much effort made to make it skimmable or front load important information, so I ended up skipping a lot because I am mostly uninterested in when a particular artist lived in which locations. Second, and probably less fair, is that this particular style does not come across well in small, flat reproductions, probably because the actual paintings are so heavily textured. I've seen many of the works in person and liked them, which is why I ordered this book in the first place; had I been leafing through it in a bookstore and unfamiliar with the pieces, I would have been unlikely to pursue the subject.

Thanks to all the owners of pieces in private collections who allowed their paintings to be included.