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The Mystery of The Fool and The Vanisher - David Ellwand, Ruth Ellwand
The book included so many elements I love: art photography... mysterious woods... hidden, possibly magical, objects... archaeology... Victorian fairy lore... collage...

Yet somehow it managed to be pretty mediocre.

It starts off well, with Ellwand's misty tree photos, which are really quite lovely and atmospheric. And the story-line concept of Ellwand learning about the Victorian photographer getting a job with an archaeological dig and disturbing the supernatural had plenty of potential. However, as soon we move out of the frame narrative into the core story, things become much weaker. For one thing, Ellwand's prose is not great. It's not bad, either, but it's...plain. The objects made for the photos are too obviously new and posed, so the sense of mystery and possibility of suspension of disbelief are lost. It feels more like something made for fun, casually, than either a real book or a real art project.

However, Ellwand's voice did make him seem like a nice and genuine person, and I'm planning to look for more of his photography.