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The Green Mist - Marcia Sewall Odd little pagan folktale, previously unknown to me. Although the woodcut-style illustrations were nice, I probably would've preferred an adult study on the persistence of nature worship superstitions a la Jessie Weston. The narrative voice rang completely wrong for me; I couldn't stop hearing it was one of those generic Ye-Olde type narrations one sometimes gets at the start of low grade horror or fantasy films, where some elderly-sounding voice with a generic, vaguely Celtic accent sketches out some poorly-grounded information about bad spirits or leprechauns or gargoyles. Fake old-fashioned regionalisms for color, etc. "Mischancy things, aye, laddies! Beware ye o' te Bogles!" Also, although boggans and some other sorts of supernatural creatures are mentioned as a concern of the villagers, they never feature in the story, which is just cheating.