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Embellished Mini-Quilts: Creative Little Works of Art - Jamie Fingal Picked this up during breakfast at my parents'. I have no idea why my mother had it -- she can't even sew on a button. (That's not a criticism. Thanks for the chocolate croissants, mom!)

I prefer the more traditional art quilting, where the fabric and sewing take the spotlight. Some of these pieces were completely covered with hard objects, so the cloth was no longer visible at all. Why even bother having it in the first place? I get that many of these artists are regarding their pieces more as collage-with-fabric than as quilts, but it still seems odd to include materials that won't be visible at all in the final product. Some of these looked like the craftsperson could have glued on the items on a board and gotten the same effect with less work. These were my least favorite pieces, too busy and cluttered.

I also thought it was odd that detailed instructions for recreating each art piece were provided, especially given that the personal nature of the designs and objects was emphasized in the accompanying text. Why would you want to copy someone else's art? Just describing the techniques involved (which stitches, etc) would have saved space for more pieces to be included.

My favorites were the ones by the author, one of which is featured on the cover. Hers have the best color balance and incorporate the fabric in ways which are more true to the original quilting craft.