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Winter's Tales
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Already Dead
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W.G. Sebald, Michael Hulse
Lady Audley's Secret
Mary Elizabeth Braddon, David Skilton
Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People" - And How You Can Fight Back
Thom Hartmann
The City, Not Long After
Pat Murphy
You Can Sketch: A Step-by-Step Guide for Absolute Beginners
Jackie Simmonds
Lonely Werewolf Girl
Martin Millar
Elemental: The Tsunami  Relief Anthology: Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy - Alethea Kontis, Steven Savile My favorites, in no particular order:

Joe Haldeman's previously unpublished early "Expedition, with Recipes" about a band of children struggle to find food in a post-apocalytic ruin. (His explanation of how he wrote it was also amusing.)

Eric Nylund's "Butterflies like Jewels" reminded of fantasy from an earlier era (the 1920s? Not sure).

Lynn Flewelling's "Perfection" is remarkably interesting for a story with no action. An old lady architect builds her last and greatest palace.

Nina Hoffman's "Sea Air" was interesting, but felt like it wanted to be a YA novel instead of a short story.

Sharon Shinn's "Double-Edged Sword." Nice to see depressed, charmless middle ages folks getting some romance.

"The Potter's Daughter" is an earlier story about Kade from Martha Wells' The Element of Fire. It can be read without having read the book, but I don't think it would be as interesting.

That brings me to my main complaint about a number of these stories, which is that many are set in the authors' larger story-arcs or worlds and are thus confusing or uninteresting to readers who haven't already read the 6-volume Nareela epic or whatever. But I guess this collection was for charity and they probably grabbed whatever was laying around and could be completed quickly.