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Imogen! Imogen Cunningham Photographs, 1910-1973 - Imogen Cunningham This collection provides a good overview of Cunningham's various periods and interests, including some rare early photographs (few survive because she broke most of the heavy plates rather than transport them when she moved).

I prefer her early, Pre-Raphaelite influenced images, but that's purely a matter of my taste, not that her photography was better at that point.

I also really liked the nudes of her husband. She mentions at one point that she got the effect by having him posed on a sheet of ice! Roi Partridge, you are a manly man and a good husband (even if you did get married two more times).

Cunningham knew most of the significant American photographers and artists of the 20th century, and I would have liked a little more on her interactions with them, but I guess that's a subject for further reading.