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Hero Under Cover (Hqn Romance) - Suzanne Brockmann Yet another "romance" in which male bullying is portrayed positively. Yuck. I'm disappointed to be seeing this from Brockmann, although it's nice that her books improved with time.

In the opening scene, our heroine Annie, an antiquities appraiser, has been held without charges or legal counsel on barely-even-circumstantial evidence that she might, possibly, have something to do with some recent art-related crimes. After 6 hours of questioning, our titular "hero" agent Peterson has her strip-searched while he and a couple other male agents watch through one-way glass. He gets all hot and bothered so blam! the reader knows it is true love.

Since they can't find any evidence against her, they use some shady tactics to force her, via a client from whom she is evaluating a high-price item, to accept a bodyguard. Surprise! It is seeecretly Peterson (now called Taylor) totally violating Annie's privacy and trying to find proof that she is a criminal. Since there isn't any, he fills his days pushing her around and yelling at her rudely. Hot!

I find the abuse of authority even more revolting than the abuse of physical strength. Stories like this make me offended on behalf of all the enforcement personnel et al who don't take advantage of their positions to bully the weak or harass sexy women. I don't believe real bodyguards are allowed to yell at and manhandle their clients except in emergencies, either.

My least favorite scene aside from the opening was the one where Annie runs out for some syrup while Taylor is the shower. He physically drags her out of the store while yelling at her in front of various neighbors and ordering her to never leave the house without his permission. I hope if I were a witness to such a scene I would call the police.

Annie is a lot more forgiving in the end than I would be if I found out the person I was sleeping with had not only lied to me about pretty much everything but also was the one who violated my civil rights and made me strip in front of a bunch of assholes. I guess a hot guy who can make a peanut butter sandwich is hard to find.