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Girls with Slingshots, Vol. 1 - Danielle Corsetto I began reading this serial not here, at the beginning, but several years into the narrative. I did not realize starting later that Hazel was supposed to be the main character; it seemed to me to be divided fairly equally between several main characters, with overlapping secondary characters passing amongst them. I was surprised to see Corsetto say that Hazel is based on herself because she (Corsetto) seems a lot smarter and funnier than Hazel, who I found not very nice and, more importantly, less interesting than many of her friends. But even without loving Hazel, I found the strip addictive and read compulsively through the first several years worth in one day. I'm amazed that Corsetto managed to make me this interested in the not-particularly-unique drinking and dating exploits of some not-very-deep twenty-somethings that I'm sure I would find quite tiresome in real life (even the talking cactus).