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Fade from Grace - Jeff Amano, Gabriel Benson Desperate to save the woman he loves from a burning building, a young man discovers he has superpowers. After the incident, husband and wife both feel that their time together is such an unmerited gift that they owe it to help others, no matter what the risk.

Narrated retrospectively by Grace, this story is minimally textual and relies primarily on the deceptively simple artwork, which is characterized by planes of solid colors and silhouette-like forms.

While I would have liked a bit more what was here was very well done. And it was a relief to encounter some a normal, pleasant superhero with a healthy relationship and no weird psychological issues. Also there was a blessed absence of the distorted and objectified female bodies that frequently decorate comic books -- an absence that is in fact highlighted by the one panel in which the hero is staring at his wife's chest.

I highly recommend this to guys who are trying to convince their girlfriends to try graphic novels. It is inoffensive and really quite sweet (especially the author's dedicatory letter to his wife, Claire).