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Chew, Vol. 1: Taster's Choice - Rob Guillory, John Layman Some interesting concepts here, especially the main one of cibopathy. Detective Chu is one of the rare and secret few who can eat something and know all about how it was produced, the person who prepared it -- or the person who is it, an obvious boon in law enforcement. If you don't mind a little cannibalism. Of course, it doesn't make mealtimes much fun.

Mirror inverse of Chu's ability is a reporter who can describe food in such detail that her readers can actually taste it. Naturally Chu falls in love with her because through her he can finally experience flavor without side effects. She doesn't know him from Adam and he doesn't know her expect the writing thing and her hotness, but that's okay because Chu doesn't really have a personality. He is an earnest young cop who sticks to the rules, that's really all we get.

Both characters' abilities are increasingly fraught in a future where the FDA has more power than the FBI or police and black-market chicken is a major criminal concern. Chicken has been banned since a major avian flu epidemic (are other fowl banned? they are not mentioned), but there are those who believe that this is a government cover-up. I found that premise interesting and plausible. What I found less believable was the extensive illegal chicken crime network. Maybe this is just me, but if chicken were outlawed I would just eat something else. If you think chicken is the best food ever and would risk potential death and jail time, please respond below.

I also wasn't sold on the reporter's ability. I could envision a marginally plausible "scientific" explanation for cibopathy -- it's like psychometry with more physical connection, right? -- but the effect of any writing on different individuals is so subjective that her talent seemed too much like magic. But it and her character don't get a lot of development here, so maybe that comes later.

Guillory's drawing style isn't to my taste, but I did think it was well suited here.

If you liked this comic there is a short story in the anthology Masked that I would recommend to you if I owned the book and could look up the title. But you'll figure out which one it is when you read it.