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A Boy Named Beckoning: The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero - Gina Capaldi The Civil War ended black slavery, but did nothing to improve the treatment of Native Americans. When Wassaja was five years old, enemy Pima raided his community and took him prisoner. After a few days of abuse he was sold into slavery. He was less unfortunate than many children, as he was bought by an Italian photographer who purchased him out of pity rather than for labor. Renamed Carlos Montezuma and given an education, he grew up to be a medical doctor and civil rights campaigner.

Because his foster-father was a photographer, an unusual number of images of Montezuma at various ages, as well as other members of his community, are extant and were incorporated into the illustrations. These were very effective. I was also impressed that Montezuma managed to research all his family members and find out what had happened to each of them (although the information itself was pretty discouraging, especially about his mother escaping but being shot by American guards for attempting to find him without permission).

A very interesting book about an important subject. Parents may want to read up on the history beforehand in case of questions.