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Nothing - Mick Inkpen Look at that cute cover! See the smiling, cartoonish kitty?

Man, was I not expecting the book inside.

The little thing in the attic at Number 47 had forgotten all about daylight. It had been squashed in the dark for so long that it could remember very little of anything. Stuck beneath years of junk, it could not recall how it felt to stand up, or it stretch its arms. It had been there for so long, even its own name was forgotten.
...How do you think you would feel if you had been squashed in the dark for years and years?

Well, isn't this is a cheery little prison narrative? At this point I put the book aside for the next day because it was too depressing to read right before bed.

Escaping from his abandoned home after the family rejects him as trash, Nothing is sneered at by a succession of animals. He stares at his "ugly face" in a pond and weeps. He found himself shuddering and shaking, as great uncontrollable sobs quivered up his raggedy body and sat him on the ground. "I don't know who I am!" he howled. "I don't know who I am!"

Wow. This is some pretty hardcore misery to be sharing with little kids. Things get a bit cheerier after Nothing meets a happy-go-lucky cat, but I really didn't get the point of this book. No. Your cast-aside childhood toys are not suffering as if in solitary confinement aggravated by torture. Why would we want children to think this?