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The Crows of Pearblossom - Aldous Huxley, Sophie Blackall This edition had the least appealing-to-me illustrations, so naturally it was the one my library possessed. I can't say they didn't suit the story, though, only that I did not enjoy them. I found them vaguely disturbing, so in that sense they went perfectly! I'm glad Huxley mostly confined himself adult literature.

The background plot here includes the mother crow's eggs being eaten day after day by a snake, which is nature for you but may be a little upsetting for sensitive children. The relationship between the crow couple, on the other hand, was nasty in a completely human bad-marriage sense and seemed to lack affection or respect. So we get both the depressingness of nature red in tooth and claw, and the depressingness of screwed up human meanness. Way to be efficient with the negativity, Aldie!