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Hana in the Time of Tulips - Deborah Noyes, Bagram Ibatoulline Tulipomania is perhaps not the easiest (or most important) concept to put across for young children. But even if your tot doesn't grasp the historical context, he or she can still relate to the very human concerns in this story. Noyes really understands the importance of routines and little gestures to small children, who often place great significance on that five minutes of play when daddy gets home from work, or that kiss at bedtime. Hana doesn't understand the craze for a specific flower -- aren't the wildflowers just as pretty? -- or why her parents are suddenly so worried about money. But she does understand that they are paying less attention to her and that she wants to cheer them up.

Ibatoulline's illustrations are beautiful imitations of Dutch Masters paintings and sketches.