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Snow White - Josephine Poole Text: pretty much the standard story line, a bit on the wordy side.
No idea why the author added the bit about the animals not killing Snow White because she was so pretty. That's right, little girls, being pretty is so important that even wild animals care. No, really, you can pet the bear, honey. You're pretty!
Oh, and the ending was changed so that the evil queen (accidentally? not clear) killed herself.

Illustrations: atmospheric and lovely, although there were some problems with perspective. And anatomy. And the father and the huntsman looked exactly alike to me.

Overall a fine if not memorable version. However, when the publisher says "Only a few times each century is there a new edition of Snow White that offers an entirely fresh and entrancing approach to the story" then I expect something more special and unique. This wasn't either. I'll stick with Hyman's version.