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April Lady - Georgette Heyer As a number of other reviewers have pointed out, this amusing but unsatisfactory confection is a less well-done reworking of the theme of Heyer's earlier The Convenient Marriage; that is, the love-match in which neither spouse realizes that the other loves him or her. This time we unfortunately have no grounds for the love itself which, given the unattractive traits they exhibit during the course of the story, leaves the reader with little sense of romance. The secondary romance of the hero's unbearably spoilt and self-centered little sister was even less supported, as Letty behaved in ways that clearly distressed her better-mannered beau and no explanation for their mutual adoration is ever evinced. Heyer has written other romantic pairings with equal lack of sense, but usually they possess more charming personalities. Still, I was not unsympathetic to Cardoss and especially Nell, who was very young and behaving as her mother had raised her to do. And it was nice that her brother, although a wastrel, did his best to find a way to help her. All in all, a decent read but not an exceptional one; not recommended for those who aren't already Heyen enthusiasts.