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The Weaving of a Dream - Marilee Heyer Lovely, richly detailed illustrations are the main attraction of this story. I had never encountered the folktale before, but since it is subtitled "retelling" I assume it is a traditional tale. I'm afraid I didn't care much for it. The old mother's obsession with the palace seemed unhealthy rather than admirable. Liking a painting is one thing, neglecting your work and children for three to weave a copy of it is another. And threatening to die if you don't get your way is not a very responsible way for a parent to behave! Retrieving a weaving doesn't seem like a good enough reason for the sons to risk their lives. And then in the end the woman lives in luxury with son who is repeatedly indicated as her favorite and their is no reconciliation with the older boys. Really the family seems pretty dysfunctional. But I did like the details in the pictures, especially of the animals.