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The Bards of Bone Plain - Patricia A. McKillip Patricia, I'm going to have to put my foot down: I know you looove the idea of harpers/bards/minstrels, but enough already. One author can only write so many stories about bards before it becomes a little embarrassing. And repetitive. Hey, I still enjoyed your book, but I did skip all those long passages about harp-playing and heartstrings and natural imagery. Sorry. On the bright side, that made the sub-narrative about Nairn go a lot faster, which was good because I liked the main plot line in the "modern" city much better. Nairn was kind of a self-absorbed douche, and Declan wasn't much better, what with his needless mysteriousness and unexplained motivations. Why was he so set on helping some random foreigner conquer all the apparently-peaceful little kingdoms? Anyway, I preferred reading about the archaeologist princess Beatrice and Zoe the grad student bard and Phelan, even if he was too much of a doormat sometimes. But I guess there wasn't enough plot to make the entire narrative about them. Maybe next time, huh? In the meantime, why don't you go learn to play the harp? Get it out of your system.