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The Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen - Penelope Hughes-Hallet I am having a nice, cozy read of my friend's books while snowed in at her house. She had to go out to work at 7 a.m. so I am helpfully petting her cat and drinking her tea whilst she puts in a 12-hour work day like most folks back in Jane Austen's day.

This is the easy-reading version of Austen's letters: edited for length and interest, explained for importance and context, with pictures. I liked the illustrations, would have preferred the letters at full length, and hated the marginalia. I usually like marginalia, but this was more like summaries for the brain-damaged; a half-page letter where Jane describes to Cassandra the dress she just made and how much the fabric cost does not need a caption explaining, "Jane tells her sister about her new dress."

Recommended for those with a more casual interest in Austen or the domestic life of the period.