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Eternals - John Romita Jr., Neil Gaiman Do you just love backstory?! Then this graphic novel may be for you! Cuz, there's really nothing else besides the backstory. The characters not even wooden so much as paper dolls marching around scenery, barely distinguishable. Except for the Deviants, our Bad Gays; it is obvious who they are because they are ugly! They have gross deformities like tentacles and fangs and mouths in their stomachs. Everyone knows that ugly/deformed/otherwise differing-looking people are Teh Ebuls. And also, Bad Guys are so awful, they are like Nazis! In that they say vaguely Nazi-sounding things like, "Tomorrow they will announce that atrocities have been committed by... Who? Gypsies, perhaps. Or homosexuals, or Slavs. And it will be necessary to bring back the secret police." This is in Russia, by the way, where as far as I know Slavs and Gypsies are not considered highly problematic. And why would someone who wasn't actually human care about race, anyway? Aside from the robot-looking-but-apparently-not-robotic Celestials, who think some types of people taste better than others. And even the people-eating is boring because the folks who get eaten are faceless nonentities who get tossed down like popcorn. There's not even any gore. Aside from some interesting mythological elements, which get related in the least-interesting way possible, and some under-played alternate history aspects, this is a disappointingly generic oh-noes-destruction-of-the-entire-world comic book. I really hope when I have lived for millenia with my superpowers 'n' stuff I have more personality than these dopes.