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Uncanny X-Men: The New Age, Volume 5: First Foursaken - Chris Claremont, Chris Bachalo, Tony Bedard, Clayton Henry I may be rating this a little low, and it may be my fault for having missed all the preceding installments of the story arc and been continually distracted by questions like "Rachel who?" "Phoenix had a daughter?" "When did so-and-so die?", but it seemed to me that if one is going to use yet another of the recurring immanent-destruction-of-the-universe plots the story and action should be, well, bigger. This wasn't complex or intense enough. That said, it was enjoyable and I appreciated not having some of the darker elements that often appear in these stories. I'll have to go back and find more of the numbers with Psylocke's brother so I learn more about she died and he brought her back.