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Breaking Point (Troubleshooters)

Breaking Point - Suzanne Brockmann

As often in this series, Brockmann includes two romantic pairings. More frequently she will resolve a storyline from an earlier book while introducing an additional pairing that may or may not be resolved in the same book (some particularly fraught relationships need several books to work things out). In this case, both stories began several books (and several elapsed year of fictional time) earlier, with Molly and Grady upstaging the heroes Ken and Savannah in Out of Control and Max repeatedly pushing Gina away until she gives up and leaves the country to do volunteer work in Africa with Molly, which is where this book picks up and recombines the two strands.

In a lot of ways, this is one of the stronger entries in this series: tighter, more complex plot, a lot going on, good mix on contrasting characters. But the main character were all ones that I liked less in previous books. Max and Gina I never cared about. Molly seemed not one of the more developed of Brockmann's women, and I wasn't entirely convinced by her and Jones' relationship. Cassidy really shines in this one, finally getting to be a hero instead of a cute sidekick (and seriously, I'm pretty sure no matter how out one is one does not call one's CIA boss "sweetie") but it isn't "his" book and the fact that it needed him to make it work is a sign of the inadequacy of the other characters.

Not a good point to jump into this series if you haven't read the earlier books. Some of them work as stand-alones but not this one.