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The Rings of Saturn
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Lady Audley's Secret
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Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People" - And How You Can Fight Back
Thom Hartmann
The City, Not Long After
Pat Murphy
You Can Sketch: A Step-by-Step Guide for Absolute Beginners
Jackie Simmonds
Lonely Werewolf Girl
Martin Millar

Rick Carufel Doxxing People Again [Reblogged from Mad Rocker]

It seems that master sleuth and best selling author of more than ten copies, Rick Carufel, has outted me as being a woman. Presumably, he deduced this information through his network of anonymous Russian hackers, private investigators, Federal agents, and good, honest citizens who are assisting in the glorious cause to cleanse the world of author haters.

Having been identified, I am now ready to surrender to the proper authorities to face the consequences of my horrendous crimes against humanity. I throw myself upon the mercy of the court. I plead to the great state of Texas to allow same sex civil unions so that poor Mrs. Rocker may continue to receive spousal benefits after I've been called to answer to society for my sins.

Hear me ROAR!!!!