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Les Grands (but not so great) spectacles

Les Grands Spectacles: 120 Years of Art and Mass Culture/120 Jahre Kunst Und Massenkultur - Agnes Husslein-Arco
Read from June 08 to 18, 2014

Michael light, stokes 19

Pomp, marvels, commotion and incredible news, sensations, explosions and uproar, or artifice, distasteful magic and swindle, possibly even downfall--the very world >>spectacle<< still has a touch of the dubious about it.

Martha rossler, bringing the war home

Today, celebrities have become a genre in their own right, living images, attractions, exotic animals, public bodies, fantasies, patterns, names--they are the ghost patrolling in the mirror of the everyday world...

Andy warhol, Liz as cleoptra

There is much more.

George melies, livre magique

Melies and Maholy-Nagy, Hans Richter and Candida Hofer and Jonathan Meese, Nan Golden, Matthew Barney, Eadweard Muybridge and Ed Ruscha

Etienne-Jules Marey

Duchamp and Ernst and Ensor, Munch, Artaud, and Asger Jorn. Walter Benjamin. Vogue Covers.

Jean tinguely, la vittoria

Too many artists and ideologues to list. Certainly too many to discuss in depth.

Picasso, Athlete

What there is not, is a sense of coherence, an overarching rubric that would connect all these pieces, ideas, and phenomenon. Some of the examples don't even seem to fall into the category of "spectacle," unless the word is being used to encompass everything one looks at, which would be to dilute the concept so extremely that it became meaningless.

For instance, this painting by Rene Magritte is included in the section on Melies.

I am certainly willing to accept that Magritte may have been influenced by Melies (I have never looked into the question so I cannot say if he was familiar with him) but that doesn't seem like a sufficient reason for him to be included in this already over-crowded gathering.

Ford beckman, Big nose

There are passels as well of postcards and sketches and pamphlets. A bit of pornography. (Honestly, once you've seen one of Export's "Genital Panic" photos you've seen them all, imo.)

My overall feeling was that anything that could possibly be included had been crammed in, to the detriment of the whole.